The new OseeGenius-FRBR component allows OPAC and discovery tools to enrich a layer of information produced and published according to web semantic technologies, organised with the FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) model.

The creation of a set of RDF (Resource Description Framework) translated data, according to the paradigm of linked open data, is performed by two information structuring methods, which libraries can adopt:

  • the introduction of a new RDA (Resource Description and Access) metadating standard already in the process of cataloguing;
  • joining the FRBR model being converted into RDF from original data, treated according to traditional cataloguing standards.

The application of the relational FRBR model allows for a profound rethinking of data treatment methods since, through the technology of linked open data, a network of connections is created between information from disparate sources: OPAC cataloguing, archival inventories, museum catalogues, encyclopaedias and online directories.

This will support users in identifying what they really need: the specific edition of the author’s work, illustrated by a specific illustrator, published by a particular publisher in a given year and in a given format.

The catalogue data, enhanced by the creation of links to external (and open) datasets, structured in linked open data (as such web searchable and reusable) and reorganised in the pursuit of greater simplicity and usability, again becoming part of the wider and rich universal information that users access to broaden their learning experience.

15 January 2016


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