Use Case

LOD Platform has been developed in several projects, both nationally and internationally, to achieve strategic objectives:

  • To reach a concrete, joint experience in the Linked Data environment for a group of libraries on which they can build future plans
  • To discuss, experiment and configure together with the library community the options of the forthcoming data creation, enhancement and supply services for this new context for all type of resources
  • To achieve a granularity and richness of relationships within library data, which is often hidden or unexpressed in a traditional Marc record
  • To prepare an enriched environment in RDF which is useful for both library patrons – who can take advantage of more advanced discovery interfaces – and librarians looking to recreate cataloguing functions in RDF together with integration of processes with the local ILS


Major projects


SHARE Catalogue Project

SHARE Catalogue Project



SHARE Virtual Discovery Environment

SHARE Virtual Discovery Environment


20 December 2019

Penn Libraries: an extension of Share-VDE project!

In partnership with @CULT, Casalini Libri and Samhaeng, Penn Libraries is developing an experimental system,...

23 September 2019

3rd Annual BIBFRAME workshop in Europe

        A quick comment on the speech by Tiziana Possemato, co-founder and...

21 September 2018


  @CULT, which participates in the ADLUG every year, presented the following speeches: The LOD...

14 September 2018

@CULT at European BIBFRAME Workshop 2018

The aim of the European BIBFRAME Workshop 2018 is to be a forum for sharing...

14 September 2018

@CULT and the FOLIO project

Tomorrow’s library management software will be flexible, modular, extensible, and affordable   An interesting article...

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