Automation And Digital Libraries Users Group (ADLUG) is an organisation of organisations and individuals that use or develop software systems for the digitisation, automation and management of libraries.

The mission is to:

  • create and maintain stable relationships between the producers and users of software products;
  • aim for maximum possible compatibility between products;
  • provide producers with a real use scenario in order to implement or improve its systems.

As with every year, @CULT attended the meeting and participated with the following topics:

  •  “From record to data: how OliSuite is a perfect new generation ILS” (Tiziana Possemato e Annalisa Di Sabato)
  • “Linked Data from theory to practice: a new Union Catalogue generation in Linked Open Data” (Tiziana Possemato)
  • “i-LIKE, Linked Data enrichment for an e-learning system” (Ivo Contursi)
  • “Project MINERV@ – Museo Galileo and the Linked Open Data” (Alessandra Lenzi – Museo Galileo e Tiziana Possemato)

15 January 2016


18 November 2020

Casalini Libri e @Cult

Casalini Libri joins forces with its historic partner @Cult. The union both strengthens and furthers...

20 December 2019

Penn Libraries: an extension of Share-VDE project!

In partnership with @CULT, Casalini Libri and Samhaeng, Penn Libraries is developing an experimental system,...

23 September 2019

3rd Annual BIBFRAME workshop in Europe

        A quick comment on the speech by Tiziana Possemato, co-founder and...

21 September 2018


  @CULT, which participates in the ADLUG every year, presented the following speeches: The LOD...

14 September 2018

@CULT at European BIBFRAME Workshop 2018

The aim of the European BIBFRAME Workshop 2018 is to be a forum for sharing...

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