The Library Management System (LMS) was developed to manage the entire workflow of libraries and archives from the description of material to cataloguing, distribution towards loan and web publishing.

To support the complete sharing of cataloguing principles not only between libraries but between all institutions involved in the organisation of information, OLISuite has evolved into a new generation Integrated Library System (ILS).

It was set up as a tool for the entire bibliographic universe and the new digital environment, where resources are managed by a vast and varied community (publishers, parties that control and hold the rights for distribution and use, libraries and distributors, organisations that collect, preserve and make such resources accessible).

Function modules

  • Cataloguing module (WeCat) -a software that allows you to structure your data according to innovative RDA guidelines and therefore in accordance with the paradigm of Linked Open Data;
  • loan module (WeLoan) – integrated into a single web application, supports every aspect related to library loans;
  • acquisition module – to better manage acquisition operations, ERP open source ADempiere was integrated and is scalable and adaptable to any type of user;
  • “partnership” module – to organise internal communication; coordinate the flow of information while avoiding misalignment that can affect the normal functioning of an organisation.




The Discovery Tool is suitable for complex searches, as a guide to those who do not have specific information objectives (and those who do not know how to find them):

  • for information providers to provide large and heterogeneous collections of information;
  • for users to be an active player in the experience of research and use of the web.


If you are interested in this product and would like to receive additional details, please contact us using the relevant FORM.

We will be pleased to provide all the information requested.


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