About Us


companyWe direct our activities towards consultancy and the design and development of technological solutions aimed at:

  • data processing to transform it into structured information;
  • knowledge management systems, regardless of the reference;
  • process for managing and searching for information.

In recent years, we have focused on methodological practices, best practice and technologies related to the paradigm of Linked Open Data.

Our R&D in national and European contexts has allowed us to achieve significant results, develop innovative products and consolidate the dynamics of innovation.

In terms of Semantic Web, we have also participated in academic activities at an international level, as well as courses and lectures at Italian universities and in scientific publications.


prodottiTo facilitate the process of acquisition or integration into existing systems, we also develop with open source technologies selected from among those recognized at an international level.

Our solutions:

  • management systems for libraries, documentation centres and archives;
  • an user experience platform for an open and intuitive access to information;
  • integrated portals and e-learning with knowledge management technologies;
  • ERP hybrids, enriched with services and value-added features;
  • Web 2.0 tools for social networking;
  • Web 3.0 tools and semantic technology architecture.


data-solutionsWe implement Linked Open data strategies through:

  • data processing;
  • data life cycle management;
  • LOD generation standardized in RDF;

We cover the entire process, ensuring the highest level of quality (5 stars).


  • Creation and publication of LOD datasets – to improve management processes and data use
  • Design, integration and application of ontologies
  • Connection between datasets – for mash-ups between data sources and drivers sources
  • Engineering of runtime and visualization systems


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