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EX@MPLE – EXtended @nd Multifunctional PLatform Erp

POR FESR Lazio 2007-2013 Asse I / CO-RESEARCH

Temporary Business Association / purpose: @CULT Srl, PRIMA-S Srl, Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale


Company business models and strategic and organisational solutions with which businesses operate in the market are and must be constantly evolving in order to react quickly to external input.

As a result, ICT technologies are continuously evolving to accompany that change, managing complexity and the growing body of information to be processed.


To develop a new generation hybrid, to remedy the discontinuity that arises between different business applications, making data flow between them problematic (information silos).

A “deconstructed suite” driven by user characterised by:

  • functional modules no longer belonging to a single product but selected among different solutions and subsequently integrated;
  • modules present both on premise and in the cloud;
  • semantic layer primarily established for operations of market intelligence, using the informational power of linked data.


The project developed an integration platform prototype (iPaaS), based on an ESB engine to integrate business applications, coordinating the flow of information through synchronisation and interoperability mechanisms:

  • based on open source components;
  • modular;
  • multiplatform;
  • web-based;
  • open;
  • extensible;
  • compatible with innovative semantic technologies.

The selection of open source products has been carried out on the basis of an evaluation grid specially crafted according to criteria such as: leadership in the segment, authoritative comparative studies, technological platform, ease of installation and use, functional power, availability of APIs and web services with BSE systems present on the market, scalability, reference community and availability of support and assistance.

The creation of the integration model and exchange of information flows produced/used by business processes, standardising and establishing the information needs of each process for its operation was based on the PCF framework: Process Classification Framework of the APQC organisation: an authoritative reference point in the world of comparative business process analysis.


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